Contracts Rendered Illegal by Statute

Contracts Rendered Illegal by Statute: There are some contracts which are prohibited under the express or implied provisions of statute and declared to be unlawful or void in the sense that they are illegal. Statutes rendering contracts illegal can take various forms. These include: The express prohibition of certain types of contracts. The regulation of… Continue reading Contracts Rendered Illegal by Statute

Illegality in Contract law

Illegality in Contract law: If contracts are freely and voluntarily entered into by the parties, they will be enforced by the courts. But this statement is not completely true, for the courts will not enforce an illegal contract, even though all the elements required for the formation of valid contracts are present.The main reason for… Continue reading Illegality in Contract law

Duress and Undue Influence

Duress and Undue Influence: Both at law and in equity, if a person enters into a contract under duress or as a result of undue influence exercised over him at the material time, it will be deemed that the person has not voluntarily consented to the transaction; consequently, the contract will be voidable at his… Continue reading Duress and Undue Influence

Contracts Uberrimae Fidei

Contracts Uberrimae Fidei: Generally, in contracts, there is no duty placed on a contracting party to disclose material facts which he knows will influence the other contracting party in coming to a decision about the contract. In contracts for the sale of goods, the maxim is caveat emptor, which means ‘let the buyer beware’. There… Continue reading Contracts Uberrimae Fidei

Law of Agency Contract

Law of Agency Contract Introduction The employment of agents in commercial transactions has assumed great importance in modern day business practice. This has been dictated by the complexities of modern specialized mercantile transactions and practices which dominate the commercial arenas of Nigeria, as in other developing countries of the world. Table of content Introduction Definition… Continue reading Law of Agency Contract


Let’s discuss stalking. When you learn about stalking behaviors, you’re more likely to notice them before they escalate, and you can take steps to protect yourself. If you discover that you are being stalked-either in-person, online, or via technology-it can be unsettling and even dangerous. Consider taking steps to protect yourself or involve an authority… Continue reading Stalking


Torture is the infliction of severe mental and physical pain on a person in order to intimidate or punish the victim or to elicit information, coercing a confession, or inflicting punishment. It is normally committed by state actors or persons exercising comparable power and authority. Although the effectiveness of it has been defended by many… Continue reading Torture


Robbery is a felonious act which encompasses the taking of the property of another from his or her person or in his or her immediate presence, against his or her will, by violence or intimidation. Armed robbery is a serious crime and can permanently traumatize its victims, both physically and psychologically. It tends to receive… Continue reading Robbery

Right to Privacy

Today we’ll be discussing rights to privacy. The rights to have your personal matters undisclosed or publicized without your permission; the right to be left alone. It is the right to keep government undue intrusion into your hallowed fundamental personal issues and decisions. Consideration will be given to some of the reasons why right to… Continue reading Right to Privacy

Mayhem felony

Today we’ll be discussing mayhem felony. It’s a common law felony comprising the intentional maiming of another person. Under the law of England and Wales and other common law jurisdictions, it originally consisted of the intentional and wanton removal of a body part that would handicap a person’s ability to defend themselves in combat. Under… Continue reading Mayhem felony