Damage and Liability in Tort

Damage and Liability in Tort. Often times, for a defendant to be held liable for a tort, the plaintiff must have suffered damage as a result of the conduct of the defendant. Where damages has been proved by a plaintiff, then the test of reasonable foreseeability it remoteness of damage will be applied to determine… Continue reading Damage and Liability in Tort

Mental Elements in Tort

Mental Elements in Tort. The word “Tort” is of French origin which has been further derived from the Latin word “Tortum” meaning “to twist” and implies conduct which is tortious or twisted. A paradigm tort is constituted due to the occurrence of a “wrongful act or omission” by any person. JHere the term “Act” must… Continue reading Mental Elements in Tort

Injuria Sine Damno

Introduction: Injuria Sine DamnoThe law of tort is a collection of all the circumstances in which court gives a remedy by way of damages, for legally unjustified harm or injury done by one to another person. There are three elements which need to be proved before constituting a tort: There must be an act or… Continue reading Injuria Sine Damno