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Best 18 wheeler accident lawyer is here for your sake. There are inherent risks associated with driving 18 wheeler trucks. Every 20 minutes, someone is killed or wounded as a result of truck accident. according to the Federal Motor Carrier Administration, 5,910 large trucks were involved in a horrifying accidents in 2019.

However, once this 18 wheeler accident occurs, a lot of complex situations arise. That’s why if you or your loved one suffered a collision involving an 18-wheeler truck, and you did nothing wrong and with the firm conviction that the injuries and costs that the accident inflicted are obvious. you may wonder why you need a lawyer to appear for you.

18 wheeler crash is not the same as ordinary car accident. 18 wheeler collision can result in devastating injuries that could take weeks, months or years to recover from. whereas, car accidents happens between you and the other driver, trucking accidents normally involves various parties.

Reason 18 wheelers are dangerous

Weight & speed effect: On a normal basis an average citizen vehicle weighs 1.5 tons, a fully loaded 18 wheeler weighs 40 tons. That’s over 28 times heavier than your normal vehicle. Imagine a wheeler traveling 70 mph crashing against a small car-the outcome can be very bad.

Blind spot: 18 wheeler have four blind spots that can’t be seen through the rear mirrow. This is as a result of the size of the truck and height, drivers find it extremely difficult spotting average cars when they are in these areas. Most times 18 wheeler drivers put inscriptions like “horn before overtaken” to alert them you are behind. driving through blind spot zones are risky for small cars, particularly when the truck driver forgot to check the blind spots.

Carrying materials that are hazardous: Some truck are loaded with hazardous goods on American roads. Because of strict rules, drivers need special training to become a hazmat driver. These hazardous goods includes flammables like oil and gas, explosives, radiological, or poisonous materials. These materials can cause disastrous damage to people and the environment if released in the open.

Flatbed cargo: Some 18 wheeler are not closed. some have open flatbeds, which demands the driver to protect the cargo appropriately.

Many risks are comes with driving an 18 wheeler. failure to decrease or lessen these risks can lead to accident. Once accident occurs as a result of a second party’s negligence, you have a right to bring an action in court and seek compensation. An 18 wheeler accident lawyer will be of immeasurable help by way of advise on the best path forward in this situation.

Main reasons for 18-wheeler accidents & why you need Best 18 wheeler accident lawyer

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs: It’s illegal and irresponsible driving under the influence. A single drink of liquor can negatively affect one’s driving and have a diminishing effect on. Some drivers also think it is fine to participate during their off-time, but this might leave them hungover or still intoxicated hours later.

Bad weather condition: The degree to which a driver can see helps because visibility can also be an issue when you have slow reaction times. We all know that bad weather can make driving more dangerous. 18 wheelers can likely lose control when roads are slippery.

Inappropriate loading of trucks: It’s a general knowledge that shippers load their trailers inappropriately. Overloading of trucks beyond its legal weight limit is one of their characteristics. Just a sharp turn and the truck is over on its side. Items not properly secured can fall out and hit other cars resulting in accident.

Over speeding: meeting up with deadline leads to speeding which is not good. Yet, some drivers force their trailers to the limit. Stopping suddenly can force the trailer to jackknife and lose control.

What you should do after an accident with an 18-wheeler

  • Call 911: please stay on the scene until the police arrives. collect a copy of the accident report from the police. Also obtain a property damage valuation from your insurance company. The two reports will give your lawyer a good idea of what your claim is worth.
  • All medical records of your appointments with doctors and health providers should be kept. Document all diagnosis, symptoms, and pain you have. Obtain records of test results, medications, treatments, and any other medical care.
  • Keep all personal expenses incurred while injured or due to your semi truck accident.
  • Maintain records of missed work or other activities your injuries stopped you from joining.
  • Do not speak to the other party’s insurance company without speaking to your 18-wheeler accident lawyer first. It’s only your lawyer, the police, and your insurance company you are expecterd to speak with.
  • Call your insurance company to brief them on what happened.
  • Restrain from admitting any fault to anyone.

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